• PHASE 1
  • $0.0001
  • First 100,000 VIC
  • PHASE 2
  • $0.001
  • Next 200,000 VIC
  • PHASE 3
  • $0.01
  • Next 400,000 VIC
  • PHASE 4
  • $0.1
  • Next 800,000 VIC
  • PHASE 5
  • $1
  • Next 1,500,000 VIC



VitroCoin is a free open source software project that is built using blockchain technology, VitroCoin have decentralized mining by adopting a PoW algorithm.
VitroCoin have implemented full replay protection and unique wallet addresses, VitroCoin protects users and their coins from several kind of accidental and malicious threats.
VitroCoin offer zero transaction fee, swift transaction within micro-seconds. With high-rate of demand, VitroCoin could be traded above $200 per coin by the end of 2018.
Take full advantage of this rare opportunity by investing in Vitrcoin and Be part of our story.



World's First Decentralized Exchange. The PowerChain ecosystem includes advertising, trading, blockchain talent, and ICO marketing subsidiaries. Official partner of ViewFin Capital. PR & Marketing partner for the VitroCoin token sale. Also, the token sale will take place directly at their exchange.


Our blockchain dev team is based on the ChainLab Lab, the ChainLab evangelists and developers, creators of the PowerChain. They are the leading ChainLab dev team in CIS, constantly contributing to the blockchain community with free articles and code.


Our innovative scoring partner. Their goal is to help 2 billion people worldwide, who still lack access to financial services. 1st Pioneer Blockchain Credit Bureau as well as a Transparent Social and Green Macrofinance company. Their key point is scoring, based on smartphone usage behavior.


We are building a highly advanced cryptocurrency platform!

December 2017
Initial coin offering

3 millions VitroCoins (VIC) are available for the ICO. There is a total of 27 millions VIC that can be mined. We will also release Mac/Windows wallet software.

March 2018
Target price: $2000

Vitrcoin will be listed on,Cryptopia, and

April 2018
Release internal exchange

Target price: 5000$. We will release an internal exchange that allow you to trade VIC easily.

May 2018
Grow our community

We will focus on building a strong community, which will make VIC price go higher. Mobile wallets for iOS and Android will also be released.



Earn an impressive interest rate by lending VitroCoin coin. We pay interest daily.


With a total supply of only 27 millions coin, VIC price has a very high possibility to go up to Bitcoin price.


VitroCoin coin can be bought and sold on several large exchanges